CD's and DVD's - A Lost Cause?

In the past, DVD roms and CD's, or compact discs for short, were widely used. At one point in time, they were used in various capacities. If you want to learn more about what they were capable of, what their main uses were and whether or not their future is threatened, then continue to read on.

What Were CDs Capable Of 

CDs were capable of many things, including many of the things that downloadable software is capable of doing. For example, audit management software that came in CD form would be used to manage audits. Information, or data, would be saved onto the CD. As for features and functions, the software would actually be on the CD, and then downloaded to the computer before it was able to be used. This is just one example of what compact discs were capable of.

Extra information about audit management software

Main Uses

There were two main uses for compact discs, with one being to save data. Just like a USB card, a CD was used to save all kinds of data. What you would do is insert the CD into the computer, and then save the data onto it.

Another use was to download software onto the computer. For example, if you wanted to put editing software onto your desktop, then the CD with the editing tools would be placed inside and then everything on it would be transferred onto the computer. Some CDs were required to remain inside, otherwise its functions would fail.

Saving and downloading were the two main uses, but there were other uses such as virus scans and diagnostics.

Examples Of CD Software

There is software that is designed to detect and remove viruses. There is CD software that comes in the form of games, and there is editing software. These are only a handful of examples of CD software. Regardless of the type of CD software being used, they are placed in the disc drive of the computer and then the computer downloads the content so it is visible and usable on the screen.

The Shift From CD's To Downloadable Software

The shift really occurred when Apple released its MP3 player. Then the rise of USB sticks occurred, which really brought down the demand for CDs and DVD roms. Fast forward today, there are far more users of downloadable software than there are CD users. The shift happened fast mainly due to how fast and portable downloadable storage sticks are.

Is The Future Of DVDs and CDs Under Threat

The truth is the future of DVDs and CDs are not under threat. Sure, they are not widely used for downloading software anymore because most people these days use downloadable software. However, they do serve other purposes.

Although it's clear that downloadable software is mainstream and there has been a declined in demand, CDs still appear to have a bright future. Regardless of how much time has gone by, you can count on CDs and DVD roms still being around. However, the chances are they will evolve and serve even more purposes.